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Slab Leaks

In homes that do not have basements or crawl spaces (like most of our San Diego homes), one of the most ghastly things is the slab leak - a water leak under the concrete slab foundation. If your water bills or electric bills are higher than usual, you may suspect a hot water leak. The slab leak can cause an exorbitant amount of damage if left unfixed. Correcting this plumbing issue is easy with the plumbing professionals at Carmel Valley Plumbing.

With our Electronic Leak Detection service, we have the ability to precisely locate sub slab leaks in your copper pipe. Carmel Valley Plumbing can repair these slab leaks directly at the source and in most cases with a minimal amount of damage and inconvenience. Often times, we will recommend a re-pipe or bypass of the leaking pipe.  Fixing the leak directly under the slab may just be a temporary fix, the corroded pipe could leak again perhaps another foot down the line from the original repair and then you’re faced with another repair. So the best advice we can offer to you, the homeowner, is to reroute above slab.

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